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KSC Global supports Critical Power Solutions with AEG Technology

AEG Power Solutions chosen to provide custom battery chargers for gas process skids in Saudi Arabia
– Ensuring reliable power supply for gas process skids
– Custom designed to cope with harsh environment and high temperatures
Dubai, 9 November 2015 – AEG Power Solutions, a global provider of power electronic systems and solutions for industrial power supplies and renewable energy applications, today announced that it has been chosen by Petronash and another major EPC in two separate contracts, which will secure the power supply for gas process skids in a harsh environment.
In both cases, AEG Power Solutions (AEG PS) will supply a customized solution, including battery chargers and nickel cadmium batteries, to provide a reliable power supply for the gas process skids. If mains power should fail, the AEG PS systems provide standby power to ensure safe shutdown.
The AEG PS equipment must be housed outdoors in an atmosphere containing significant levels of highly corrosive hydrogen sulphide (H2S) gas, and must cope with the ambient temperatures of up to 56°C experienced in the desert. The solution also requires a high IP65 ingress rating.
To meet these challenges, AEG PS designed a solution based on its Protect RCS, 24TPRe150 battery charger, housed in a custom-designed 316L stainless steel cabinet. A custom-designed passive cooling system for the cabinet enables it to cope with the elevated ambient temperatures.
“We chose AEG Power Solutions primarily due to its ability to come up with a highly-customized solution to meet our tough specifications at short notice, and to deliver that on budget, and to a very tight schedule,” says Saurabh Mishra, Manager – Supply Chain at Petronash. “Another significant factor was AEG PS’ long experience of supplying our final customer, a major oil player in Saudi Arabia, and their in-depth knowledge of the company and its requirements and procedures.”
“AEG PS was prepared to put the work in to customize the solution to the exact customer’s requirements,” explains John Lynch, Regional Director Middle-East at AEG Power Solutions. “We tried to be flexible and easy to work with, and we are able to deliver within a short timescale. Our strong local presence in Dubai also helped.”
The orders were placed in September 2015, and the 20 units across both contracts are due to be delivered by the end of 2015. Lynch adds, “Our ability to meet the harsh environmental requirements of this project is opening up new opportunities for AEG PS – both in terms of supplying further units in the future to Petronash and for other challenging applications.”
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AEG is a registered trademark used under license from AB Electrolux 2
About AEG Power Solutions
AEG Power Solutions (AEG PS) Group is a global provider of power electronics systems and solutions for all industrial and demanding commercial power requirements offering one of the most comprehensive product and service portfolios in the area of uninterruptible power supply and power management.
Thanks to its distinctive expertise bridging both AC and DC power technologies and spanning the worlds of both conventional and renewable energy, the company creates innovative solutions for next generation distributed power generation.
AEG Power Solutions Group is the sole subsidiary of the holding company 3W Power S.A. (WKN A114Z9) / ISINLU1072910919), based in Luxembourg. The Group is headquartered in Zwanenburg in the Netherlands. The shares of 3W Power are admitted to trading on Frankfurt Stock Exchange (ticker symbol: 3W9K).
For more information, visit
For further information, please contact:
Claire Pairault
Corporate Communications
AEG Power Solutions
Mobile: +33 6 19 60 91 64
Contact for Editors
Anja-Maria Hastenrath
embedded PR
Phone +49 (0)89 / 64913634-11
Cell +49 (0)171 1959330
This communication does not constitute an offer or the solicitation of an offer to buy, sell or exchange any securities of 3W Power. This communication contains forward-looking statements which include, inter alia, statements expressing our expectations, intentions, projections, estimates, and assumptions. These forward-looking statements are based on the reasonable evaluation and opinion of the management but are subject to risks and uncertainties which are beyond the control of 3W Power and, as a general rule, difficult to predict. The management and the company cannot and do not, under any circumstances, guarantee future results or performance of 3W Power and the actual results of 3W Power may materially differ from the information expressed or implied in the forward-looking statements. As a result, investors are cautioned against relying on the forward-looking statements contained herein as a basis for their investment decisions regarding 3W Power.
3W Power undertakes no obligation to update or revise any forward-looking statement contained herein.

KSC Global Solutions launches new services for UK small and medium enterprises


Helping companies grow profitably


After Thirty-five years of operating with the world’s largest technology companies  KSC Global Solutions was formed to bring that knowledge in a simple affordable form to small and medium enterprises :

What we do:

Growth strategies -Help you penetrate new markets or just win market share.

Contract negotiation. Win that order that means so much to you.

Sales Management strategy including CRM ensuring you get the best out of your most expensive assets.

Board Services. Serving in an advisory capacity as Non-Executive director.

Trading internationally with deep expertise in USA and Asia including China. Sell or source services are available.

Offers with Partners:

KSC Global Solutions is a recognized Industrial operating partner to Global private equity including Advent international.

If you are thinking of acquisition or disposal or finance to take the next step, engage us in those conversations.

Offers with manufacturing partners:

KSC Global Solutions is proud to sponsor Factory automation systems from Rockwell Automation, General Electric and Omron serving the whole spectrum of manufacturing quality and efficiency. Call us for all your MRO and manufacturing needs

Check us out or just call for a chat on . +447475875587

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KSC Global Solutions available Hannover Messe

KSC Global Solutions - Logo

KSC Global Solutions and Advent International will be available during Hannover Messe to discuss partnership ,expansion and futures with leading Automation and Technology companies .Visit us at or tweet for a meeting slot to globalksc . See you at Hannover and lets discuss how we can help you grow your business PROFITABLY ,

Genesis Bioscience seek new UK Sales Manager

Genesis Biosciences is a global biosciences company with the unique capability to ferment bacteria strains and develop safe and natural microbial and antimicrobial products on a solid foundation of eco-benign® technology.They now seek an experienced  UK Sales Manager who wants to make a difference As an experienced Sales Leader send your resume and salary data to keiran.coulton@kscglobalsolutions.

Learn more at


KSC Global Solutions support AEG Power Solutions at Middle East Electricity


Middle East Electricity 2016


See the new company video:
See the new company video

AEG Power Solutions has been providing robust and reliable power solutions in a wide variety of applications for over 60 years. We offer a comprehensive range of world-class AC and DC power protection and control products. These systems maintain a 20-year lifetime, unsurpassed in the industry, thus ensuring optimal uptime, maximum return on investment and reduced lifetime costs.With AEG PS, you partner with a power protection expert that is accustomed to large international engineering projects and understands that safety, risk management, business continuity and operational excellence are the key elements of your business.

If you wish to receive additional information about our products and services, please download our product brochures or feel free to contact us directly.


Genesis Biosciences seek High Performing UK Sales Leader for award winning products

KSC Global Solutions is pleased to continue to support Genesis Bioscience at board level in its accelerated growth strategy Globally . This strategy  continue to fuel market share gains for Genesis and has led the company to receive major awards and recognition for its products and its unique sustainable solutions .

As part of the next phase of  expansion Genesis is looking to appoint a high performance sales leader for its UK  operations . Using disciplined sales processes they are seeking someone who can make a difference in maximising penetration of unique award winning products and solutions .

To obtain a Job Description  email our Non Executive Director Keiran Coulton at and tell him why you should be considered .Only people eligible to work in UK will be considered and no agencies please

Check out Genesis on


KSC Global Solutions supports IOT strategy worldwide

A typical manufacturer spends millions of dollars on equipment each year — 10 percent (median) of plant sales — yet many fail to optimize the performance of those investments.

That’s why leading executives focus on incorporating those assets into a Connected Enterprise framework — one that allows them to see how equipment operates in real time (product variance, energy draw, machine reliability, maintenance requirements, etc.) and to proactively address potential problems before they impact production. This leads to production improvements (quality, costs, delivery, safety), longer equipment lifecycles, and improved profitability.

How big is the opportunity in asset management? The machine availability rate for manufacturing plants is 87.5 percent (median) as a percentage of scheduled uptime — a typical operation can’t run machines one out of eight times they’re scheduled. For many manufacturers, the downtime is much worse: 30 percent of plants report machine availability of 75 percent — machines aren’t available one out of four times.

These numbers reflect millions of dollars in lost productivity for plants from equipment failures, which doesn’t include millions more from related excessive energy consumption and/or poor quality when equipment fails and restarts. Those figures show up in overall equipment effectiveness (OEE) — a measure of machine reliability, quality yield, and capacity to produce — which is 80 percent (median) at plants, leaving room for major improvements.

Given these asset-management numbers, it’s not surprising that 10 percent (median) of plant maintenance costs are unplanned.  In a Connected Enterprise, however, maintenance becomes proactive as warnings signals from equipment and embedded devices are communicated before machines stop.

Even more valuable is how real-time data can influence operations in real time. In a recent implementation, a cosmetics manufacturer installed the Rockwell Automation FactoryTalk® Metrics software, which generates accurate reporting of real plant-floor activity.

Executives used the software and intelligent devices to monitor, collect, and analyze production data while equipment ran, and were able to dramatically improve OEE and quality of a line previously plagued by downtime. Engineers at this facility now perform PDCA (plan/do/check/adjust) on the fly: they identified problem areas and then configured FactoryTalk to calculate and visualize future OEE for the monitored equipment. When operators receive an alarm, they quickly find the root cause of the stoppage and access the required data for solutions.

The Connected Enterprise also provides information on an enterprise-wide basis that can predict future asset requirements based on energy-consumption, quality trends, maintenance histories, etc. Combining equipment data with demand projections, manufacturing engineers can specify next-generation equipment. For R&D departments, this data allows design engineers to create products that are easier to prototype and manufacture.

The Connected Enterprise offers increased profits now and competitive differentiation tomorrow. Why is your company still stuck in yesterday’s asset-management?

UK Manufacturer heads Sustainable Innovation

Genesis Biosciences wins Major UK Sustainability Product Innovation

2nd November 2015By Genesis BiosciencesPress Release

Welsh biosciences company Genesis Biosciences has won a major UK sustainability award for an innovative new cleaning product which uses microbe bacteria instead of traditional chemicals.

Genesis won the ‘Sustainability Product Innovation’ category at edie’s 2015 Sustainability Leaders Awards for its development of ‘Evogen’.

Evogen radically changes the way we think about cleaning.

Judges described Evogen as an extremely exciting and innovative product, with massive potential.

Primary Judge and Head of Programme at RSA Great Recovery Lucy Chamberlain said: “Evogen radically changes the way we think about cleaning; about the environment and about our responsibility to use a more effective, lower cost, ‘friendly’ alternative to chemical cleaners”.

Speaking after being presented with the company’s award in the ceremony in London, managing director John Clark said: “Winning this award is the culmination of extensive research into application-specific bacteria which has resulted in unrivalled results across a series of markets.

“The whole concept of the Evogen range is to provide the lowest environmental impact product to every cleaning solution. We have made giant strides in the facilities management, marine and waste water treatments markets and are extending the applications to many other sectors globally.

“This recognition is well deserved by the small and dedicated teams here in Cardiff and across the ocean in our Lawrenceville manufacturing facility and we were delighted to receive the honour”.

After a record-breaking year of entries, 88 finalists were whittled down to 14 separate winners, with categories ranging from Energy and Water Management through to Sustainable Supply Chains, Employee Engagement and Product Innovation

Partnerships in Global steel

On 28th, GE team headed by Mr. Keiran Coulton, President and CEO for the area of China from GE Power Conversion, visited WISCO, WISCO vice president Mr. Hu Wangming had warm reception. Both sides had exchanges on the topic of enhancing the cooperation and promoting the development of the joint venture.
Mr. Hu Wangming stated: GE has wise vision on paying high concern to China’s metallurgical industrial market. China’s steel growth has slowed down, but the total amount is still huge. Except Fangchenggang project, WISCO will not invest in capacity growth, it will put the capital into restructuring, energy conservation and emission reduction as well as safety production. WISCO has a goal to becoming an international first-class enterprise, which certainly needs the cooperation with the world first-class companies; WISCO has full confidence with GE’s technology and performance. We are pleased to see that GE will set up technical center in China, and we believe through the good platform of the joint venture, the cooperation between WISCO and GE will obtain great success in our industry and emerging fields.
Mr. Keiran Coulton stated: GE is delighted to see the achievements by the cooperation with WISCO. At present, the development of the joint venture company set up with WISCO is in good condition, which has increasing orders and there must be a larger development space. The global metallurgical market is not optimistic, but China is still the main driver of growth. GE decided to move the global technical center to China to provide better service to WISCO, and combine the outstanding technologies and experiences of the two companies in order to create larger success for the two sides.