Partnerships in Global steel – KSC Global Solutions

On 28th, GE team headed by Mr. Keiran Coulton, President and CEO for the area of China from GE Power Conversion, visited WISCO, WISCO vice president Mr. Hu Wangming had warm reception. Both sides had exchanges on the topic of enhancing the cooperation and promoting the development of the joint venture.
Mr. Hu Wangming stated: GE has wise vision on paying high concern to China’s metallurgical industrial market. China’s steel growth has slowed down, but the total amount is still huge. Except Fangchenggang project, WISCO will not invest in capacity growth, it will put the capital into restructuring, energy conservation and emission reduction as well as safety production. WISCO has a goal to becoming an international first-class enterprise, which certainly needs the cooperation with the world first-class companies; WISCO has full confidence with GE’s technology and performance. We are pleased to see that GE will set up technical center in China, and we believe through the good platform of the joint venture, the cooperation between WISCO and GE will obtain great success in our industry and emerging fields.
Mr. Keiran Coulton stated: GE is delighted to see the achievements by the cooperation with WISCO. At present, the development of the joint venture company set up with WISCO is in good condition, which has increasing orders and there must be a larger development space. The global metallurgical market is not optimistic, but China is still the main driver of growth. GE decided to move the global technical center to China to provide better service to WISCO, and combine the outstanding technologies and experiences of the two companies in order to create larger success for the two sides.