October 2015 – KSC Global Solutions

Genesis Biosciences

KSC - EcoSince 2010 KSC Global solutions have been proud to be associated with Market leader Genesis Bioscience. Continuing to serve on their advisory board we see yet another year of strong organic growth from the leader in environmentally friendly products.

Genesis Biosciences is a global biosciences company that has the unique capability to ferment bacteria strains and develop safe and natural microbial and antimicrobial products on a solid foundation of eco-benign technology. Genesis leverages its combination of these technologies to create environmentally-responsible products and solutions with a wide range of applications to meet its customers’ needs. The company’s manufacturing and laboratory facilities, strategically based in the United States and Europe,enable us to provide unrivaled global technical support for our customers.

For more information keiran.coulton@kscglobalsolutions.com or http://www.genesisbiosciences.us/